The Office – Manager and Salesman

Every since the excellent wedding episode this show has been going down hill a bit. It’s still ok, but not as great as last season or season 2 and 3. It has a ‘been there done that’ feel to it.

But this one showed that there is still hope ! Jim is back to being a regular salesman, making fun of Dwight. I am hoping the Sabre CEO will leave soon, and Michael is back to being manager again. They could have done some more funny stuff with Michael as a salesman, but they didn’t. I guess Dwight and Ryan’s plan to take down Jim won’t be nescessary any more, so that storyline can end as well.


The Erin and Andy storyline needs to move on soon though. The situations they get in, are funny and one of the best of the show at the moment, but at some point they need to realise that they like each other. Not quite sure what’s supposed to happen then, as we have already seen one office romance in The Office.

Let’s hope they can keep this up and this show will keep on being funny instead of just slowly fading away.

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