Lost – Sundown

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming. A Sayid episode that moved the story forward quite a bit ! Sayid tried to kill man in locke, and because he let mil speak he failed to do so. Apparently even a simple Hi Sayid can do the trick of turning to the ‘evil side’ though you have to be susceptible to it I assume. Having been dead for 2hrs probably helped.


Sayid then kills Dogan and the smoke monster can go into a rampage inside the temple. Some of the temple people are now following Man In Locke, the sides are now being established. Hurley and Jack will be on the other side with the help of Dead Jacob, it’ll be interesting to see who will follow them.

lost-606c lost-606d

Some more thoughts:

  • Dogan’s baseball somehow seemed of importance. Did it tip the scale of good and evil ?
  • Is Man In Locke really evil incarnate ? The killing spree in the temple didn’t help to prove he isn’t, but I don’t like Jacob’s manipulative ways either.
  • We’re supposed to believe that MIL is free now that Jacob is dead. Why does he still want to kill everyone on the island ? Does he want to destroy it, because after having spend so long on the island he hates it that much ?
  • What are the people who hid in the temple, Ben and Lapidus going to do ?
  • Still not sure what the flash sideways mean. Sayid’s brother has married the love of his life, and he wants to cleanse himself of all the bad things he has done in the Iraqi army. Killing those gangsters didn’t quite help, although maybe killing bad people doesn’t count ;).


The transmission has some great thoughts as usual !

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