The Office – The Delivery

It’s interesting to see that people can watch the same show and have different opinion about it. Sepinwall over at what’s Alan watching, thought the first half of this double episode was much funnier and faster than the second half. I thought it was the opposite. I liked the pace of the 2nd half much more than the over the top silliness of the first one.

Not that the 1st half was devoid of laughs. The opener was very funny, Dwight stating ‘I need a baby !’ to outsell Pam and Jim. Kevin’s gourmet cooking was nice. ‘Pregnant Pam and I share meals together Second breakfast, second lunch and first dinner’. But the whole ‘we want to check in after midnight because of insurance’ ran way too long, and wasn’t really funny. Jim freaking out because his wife doesn’t want to listen was amusing though.


Once the show is on the road though, escorted briefly by Dwight, things kick really off. Though Dwight’s rampage through the kitchen was also a bit over the top, as was the contractual baby with Angela. Someone mentioned in the above linked blog post that Dwight had become a cartoon character. Although he always was a bit cartoony, I think I’ll have to agree with that.

The classic ‘too much information’ joke, with Micheal walking in too early in the delivery room, was pulled off nicely. I guess the screaming wasn’t too much of a hint for him. The male lactasion consultant scene was the funniest thing of the episode, though the switching babies thing, was funny as well.


It’s nice to see that Errin and Andy finally are going to be dating. Partly thanks to Micheal’s matchmaking. The fax scene was very nice. It’ll be interesting how things will develop with those two.

All in all a very nice double episode, certainly one of the best of a not so great season. Though no contender for the marriage episodes.

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