Google Demo Videos

Just read one of Scoble’s latest entries on his Scobleizer blog and I think he’s right on the money. It would be nice when google would have a channel9 type site, where they show some of their products (they have an incredible amount of stuff out at the moment) and show some of their features off. And make it a bit informal, not marketing talk ofcourse.

Google banning windows live writer

Nice extensive article on Primordial Blog found through the channel9 forums. If this is true, it’s rather sad :(. And I wonder what they gain if they were doing stuff like this. It also makes you wonder what else they might be blocking out !

ps. this is my first post using windows live writer :).

Scoble is going to check it out 😉

Follow up on Scoble’s site and another blog post at Matt Cutts’ blog.

Spam driving me nuts

It seems one intelligent spammer has found a very clever way to circumvent my filters (and I have quite a few of ’em) and get his insane message to ***ALL STOCKBROKERS AND INVESTORS*** through :(. Think I already received a few thousand of these (I have a quite few email addresses and one is a domain box that gets A LOT of spam). Extremely annoying. Misery Loves Company though :).