Apple Safari on Windows

My verdict: back to the drawing board for Apple 😉 . If I released a turd like this, I think I’d be invited into my director’s office for a little chat. Below you can see how this site gets rendered. Basically every Header text is simply omitted. They’re just not there. At least the javascript seems to work.

Furthermore, I think it’s a little bit crazy to simple take an Apple program and port that directly to the Windows Environment, same interface, same font rendering etc.. For example it’s pretty tough to resize the browser window, you need to place the mouse pointer exactly at the little bottom triangle thingy in the right bottom. Also some dialogues have the OK and CANCEL reversed from what you’d expect in windows. And the look just stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other programs I have opened.

And to call this a Beta release is beyond a joke, it’s way too buggy and incomplete for that. I don’t see why apple is using up resources to release a browser for windows in the first place, but why they hurt their own reputation by releasing this piece of crap is beyond me… BTW I never use Safari in my Mac Mini, never liked it. Camino is so much better…

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Camino 1.0 Released

This is the browser I use on my Mac Mini, and it’s just been upgraded to 1.0, hooray !

Camino 1.0 Released: “The Mozilla Foundation has today released Camino 1.0, the Firefoxy browser made specifically for Macs (you like that? I just made that up now!). Their site is getting slaughtered right now, but when things clear up, you’ll find a better browsing experience than Firefox, GUI-wise, with new tab bar appearance, support for download manager pause/resume, annoyance blocking, certificate support, a Java Embedding plug-in, the ability to form fill from address book, inline history and bookmark searching, an upgrade from Mozilla Gecko 1.7 to 1.8, bug and security fixes, and more. Oh, and it’s a Universal Binary too, so you Intel Mac users are still in the loop.”

(Via MacSlash.)