FireFox RC1

Been using RC1 since it came out last week, and it works great. It seems faster but that could be because I had to disable a few of add-ons that havent been updated yet. Think I’ll just leave them uninstalled. The theme I was using wasnt updated as well, which reminded me that the standard icons are pretty ugly. I’d like to suggest users of Firefox to check out BlueQute. It’s a very nice theme.

New features I enjoy so far: havent found too many to be honest, but I did mention the speed, and there is a close button on each tab. Which you cant see on this theme btw, but it’s there if you hover over the right side of the tab. You can reopen closed tabs as well, which is nice, if you closed one by incident or if you just remembered something else you needed off that website you just closed.

Another thing that’s nice is that if you just installed a theme, or an add-on, you can restart FF and it remembers your tabs ! Very handy indeed !

All in all a pretty stable release, the 2.0 Final cant be far off ;).

RC1 in action, using roboform and the google bar.

Right after I posted this, I discovered RC2 is already released !


A few days back I posted about colibri being a quicksilver ‘replacement’ for Windows Xp. After listening to one of the podcast episodes of Scott Hanselman (at I checked out AppRocket and decided to register it today. It’s only $18,- !

It’s well worth it. You can add directories that you want to be indexed, like your podcast directory (it will show extended info on mp3s if you want), tools directory etc. It sits happily on the top of your screen, and you activate it by hitting your hotkey, like alt+space. You can also perform fast web searches on wikipedia, google or amazon. Their website has some nice screencasts where you can check out how things work.

AppRocket Homepage:

Get it from CNET!

Quicksilver on windows

Colibri Logo
One of the things you really miss, once you have also used a mac, on windows is Quicksilver. It’s a program that lets you start programs and open documents incredibly fast. Just hit ctrl-space, type a few letters and usually the right program boots up. This would be especially handy on windows, when you’re like me and install and try a lot of programs and your startup menu is totally cluttered and you cant find anything anymore ;).

Looks like Colibri does about the same thing, just recently started using it and seems to work fine, this blog post mentions some more programs that I am definately going to try.

Colibri can be found at

Computer Game Nostalgia

Ah found this link: Top 100 Amiga games. Probably an old one, but still true. Remember Supercars ? And ofcourse the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood on Monkey Island !

How did I get there ? Well I saw that Sid Meier is working on a remake of Railroad Tycoon. Hard to believe the original came out 16 years ago. Must be getting old ! Played the original to death. Think I might still have the original somewhere in a closet. Games sure have come a long way, since then, but thats mainly the graphics. Hard to find a game anymore that has such magical gameplay that kept you busy for hours / days on end. Hope the remake will turn out good, the gameplay should still be there…

Camino 1.0 Released

This is the browser I use on my Mac Mini, and it’s just been upgraded to 1.0, hooray !

Camino 1.0 Released: “The Mozilla Foundation has today released Camino 1.0, the Firefoxy browser made specifically for Macs (you like that? I just made that up now!). Their site is getting slaughtered right now, but when things clear up, you’ll find a better browsing experience than Firefox, GUI-wise, with new tab bar appearance, support for download manager pause/resume, annoyance blocking, certificate support, a Java Embedding plug-in, the ability to form fill from address book, inline history and bookmark searching, an upgrade from Mozilla Gecko 1.7 to 1.8, bug and security fixes, and more. Oh, and it’s a Universal Binary too, so you Intel Mac users are still in the loop.”

(Via MacSlash.)