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Civ IV: Beyond The Sword

The new civilization IV: Beyond the sword expansion is coming soon. In preparation I played a few games of Civ IV warlords again and I must say, it’s still very good. Beyond the swords will add a lot of nice new features. Especially the corporations and improved new AI sounds good. I preordered my copy from, and it’s usually delivered around the official release date.

Civfanatics – Excellent site with a load of information and a great forum
Beyond the sword – Official site
** UPDATE **
A very nice history and an interview can be found at Gamasutra

Tales of Heroes

Even if you’re only remotely interested in RTS games, grab the latest episode of tales of heroes. It’s a replay of a very long and close game of Company of Heroes with very entertaining and sometimes hilarious commentary by Bridger and Vitensby.

Tales of Heroes Ep. 36.