Camino 1.0 Released

This is the browser I use on my Mac Mini, and it’s just been upgraded to 1.0, hooray !

Camino 1.0 Released: “The Mozilla Foundation has today released Camino 1.0, the Firefoxy browser made specifically for Macs (you like that? I just made that up now!). Their site is getting slaughtered right now, but when things clear up, you’ll find a better browsing experience than Firefox, GUI-wise, with new tab bar appearance, support for download manager pause/resume, annoyance blocking, certificate support, a Java Embedding plug-in, the ability to form fill from address book, inline history and bookmark searching, an upgrade from Mozilla Gecko 1.7 to 1.8, bug and security fixes, and more. Oh, and it’s a Universal Binary too, so you Intel Mac users are still in the loop.”

(Via MacSlash.)

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