Tape Trading

Back in the day when you wanted to hear your favorite artist play live shows, you had to trade tapes with other people, you found through newsgroups and forums (and earlier on even magazines).

A column on Ants Marching (a DMB website) brought back some nice memories. It was a lot of hassle to copy tapes, going to the postoffice etc. But it it all paid off when the mailman delivered that low-gen tape of a show that was performed just a few months back ;).

Tape Trading – How trading was back then


My trading circles must have been a little different, Maxell XL II (and later the more expensive XL-II-S) as well as TDK-SA and some Sony (cant remember exactly what name) tapes were acceptable.

House MD

Over the past few weeks, I watched a lot of House. I have no clue why that excellent show didn’t catch my attention earlier, but I did a lot of catching up :). Bought the season I & II dvds, and have season III incoming from amazon.com.

This is one of my favourite scenes. It’s from Season III that’s being broadcast at the moment on dutch tv on thursday nights. Excellent part by Dave Matthews !

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