WordPress 2.7

Just updated the blog to WordPress 2.7 ! One down, two more blogs to go ;). Didn’t really expect anything spectacular, as I haven’t followed the wordpress developments lately, but I was i for a nice surpise ! The new admin area looks and feels a whole lot better.

If you want a preview, check out the wordpress blog that discusses the new interface. I am sure if you use blogsearch.google, you’ll find a lot more opinions. And ofcourse the release blog post.

The new post screen is better, nice colors (light grey and blue) and all options are easier to access. Only needs a bit to get used to, for example the tags inputbox on the right.

Only thing I don’t quite like is the settings ‘tab’, for lack of a better term. I liked it better when it was in the upper right instead of all the way down left now. Ah well, always something :).

Ubuntu 8.10

So far the reviews and first impressions of the release candidate have been very good. It seems 8.10 will be even more smooth and snappier than the previous 8.04 release. Not going to bother with the RC, but will wait a few days for 8.10. Hope the upgrade process will be smooth !

Cnet Revamped

Visited download.com today and lo and behold ! The Cnet site has been revamped :). The colors are somewhat darker, and the layout is a lot less cluttered. Tbh is was getting a bit messy, the new look is more modern and it’s easier to find stuff ! It’s not always such a revamp is working, but this one has been executed nicely.

What’s new tour at http://www.cnet.com/html/cnet/tour/tour1.html

Willie Nelson – Moment of forever

Received this cd last week, and I like it a lot. It’s classic Willie but with a bit of a modern twist ;). The gravedigger Dave Matthews cover is on this one as well, which worth the price of the cd alone ! You don’t think I am funny anymore is another one of my favorites. The cd closes with Dylan’s You gotta serve somebody.

Make sure to check it out if you’re into 70+ year old singers ;).

Lost 4×12 – No Place Like Home


This episode was sort of a setup for the grand finale that we’ll get in two weeks time. It was entertaining, but nothing new was revealed. The return to Hawaii was nice, and a bit emotional. Especially the Nady – Sayd moment was very nice. The press conference didn’t reveal much it was the same story as we got from Jack’s testimony. Though it seemed a bit naive on the reporter’s part.


The moment we heard the wispers again was really odd, when Hurley had his surprise party. Ofcourse the numbers on his counter in the car was a nice touch ;).


The return of the Others was fun. This were the old school dressed in rags Others, we used to hate ;). Not sure what to think about them now. Ofcourse the ending was great, Ben telling Lock he ‘always has a plan’ !


Curious how this all will pan out, we got a great finale coming up I am sure.