Lost 5×03 – Jughead – 1954

It’s going to sound cheesy but this was yet another amazing Lost episode. It didn’t quite have the shock effect and emotions that The Constant has, but it revealed quite a few facts about the Island and Lost.


Just some thoughts and observations:

Penny and Desmond have a son called Charlie. We see him being born at the start of the episode. Will there be something special about the boy ? All in all Penny doesn’t seem to be too happy about Desmond and him wanting to return to the island. Widmore’s vague warning to stay hidden is interesting. He knows what Ben is capable of, but doesn’t mention any specifics.


Daniel Faraday had been researching the island and rat’s brains time travel for ten years, sponsored by Widmore. Not all went well though, he left a woman in coma and then just left for the USA.


Faraday seems to meet his mother (the Ringlady) in the 1954 setting of the island. And Widmore is there as well ! So there is the link between Widmore and the island, he has been there, maybe was even born on the island, but somehow got off and can’t get back. Really liked Locke’s smile when he found out the young man was Charles Widmore.

Charlotte seems to be the only one not being able to cope with the timetravelling, will she make it ? Dan will try to help her somehow, but I am not sure how he will be able to pull that off. Does she need a constant ? Who might that be ? And what’s her history ? She has been studying the island as well, is she the daughter of someone we already now.

lost-5x03c lost-5x03d

The Richard Alpert situation sure is confusing to the extend that it’s making my head hurt ! He was totally surprised at the whole time travelling thing, and most people thought that was how he never aged. But he just seemed to have always been on the island, as Julliet says he’s old, very old. Also he is stitched in time, with the island somehow, instead of travelling in time with the other losties.


Richard doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of Locke being his leader later on. We get an interesting time loop when Locke tells Alpert to come see him when he gets born. And that’s what we got in Cabin Fever last season. It’s great how this all falls into place now, and that’s a great example what’s so wonderful about Lost !


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