Lost 5×10 – He’s our you

A Sayid centric episode this time. Actually it couldn’t have been more Sayid centric if it wanted to. The episode fills most of the gaps of his story. What happened to him once he got back from the island and how he got back again. All the flashbacks didn’t make it a very fluent episode, it felt more like a bunch of outtakes stitched together, but it had some nice and interesting moments nevertheless.

A twelve year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken sandwhich !
How do you think I am doing ?


What we learned this episode:

  • Sayid has always been a remorseless killer (or at least that’s what I got from the silly ‘chicken scene’).
  • Sayid was dragged back to the island by someone who works for someone else (Widmore ? Ben via a proxy ?) and was miraculously on the plain that crashed on their way to Guam
  • Ben used lies and more lies about Locke’s death in order to get a grip on Sayid again.
  • The people Sayid has been killing were working for Widmore and Ben claims they were a threat to ‘Sayid’s friends’

Those are the main points I can think off while writing this.

Does anyone actually believe Ben is dead ? We all know by now that the island doesn’t let people die when their time isn’t up yet. I am more interested at the moment what exactly Ben’s plan / agenda is. He seems to be working on his own now (or he might think for the island), but I have no idea what it is that he is up to. That’s puzzling me at the moment ;).


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