Lost 5×11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

A Kate centric episode this time, and I usually don’t really care for those. But this one was decent. Some great quotes and a few very interesting scenes. The story how and why Kate returned to the island was told, along with some more info.

Time isn’t a straight line for us anymore !


The scenes with Myles and Hurley were very amusing. Hurley playing the role of the general lost audience who are now a bit confused about the whole time traveling thing. Neither Hurley nor Myles seemed to have definite answers, even though Myles at first thought he did ;). The title referred to this part of the show as well. Apparently this is the way Ben was supposed to become the leader of the others, just like Jack wasn’t supposed to operate on him this time around. Juliet didn’t get that memo yet though :).

Maybe there is something THEY can do…

Alpert about reviving / saving Ben: his innocence will be gone and he will always be one of us. What does that mean ? Are the others like undead people ? Zombies ? Why did they insist on getting that body from that guy that was shot a bunch of episodes ago ? Sounds a bit like voodoo at the moment, hope this will be revealed shortly !


Don’t have much to comment on Kate’s story. Seems to be pretty straightforward, although she cared more for Sawyer than I thought she did.

Last scene with Locke sitting next to Ben’s bed was wonderful: Hi Ben, welcome back to the land of the living !

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