Lost – Recon

This week we got a more straightforward episode this time centering on Sawyer. It was enjoyable but not as good as some of the other outstanding episode of this season. It missed the mythical parts that those had.


The flashsideways was stretching it a bit I thought. James as a cop ?

“I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I was becoming a criminal or a cop. So I choose cop”.

Myles as his partner was interesting. Does he still have a sixth sense ? He had a weird look in his eyes when he picked up on Sawyer’s lieing. Also catching Kate in the end was odd. Why did he help her escape earlier ? Can’t do that again I am sure.


What did we learn besides the flash sideways this week ? Not a whole lot. We know that Widmore has set up camp at the sub landing spot and that he’s building sonar pylons to keep Man in Locke out. There was some squarrel between Kate and Claire (was I the only one rooting for Claire ?). Other than that not much happened. I hope we get something more interesting next week !

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