Lost – Ab Eterno

What a wonderful episode this was ! With just a handful of episodes to go, the producers pull off something quite different. An episodes dedicated to one of the more mysterious character, that we always wondered about. Where did he come from, and why did he never age ?

Well we got all those questions answered and we got some info on the island. The man in black in being held there like a cork on a bottle, to keep evil in place. It was nice to see the older mib acting about the same way as the modern one in Locke’s body. The games Jacob and mib play were interesting, I hope we also get to know how exactly mib found a loophole to kill Jacob.


The scene at the end with Hurley and dead Isabella talking to Richard was the best of the episode. Richard almost joined team MIB in the end, but was convinced to stick with Hurley. We’ll see what role he’ll play in the end game.


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