Lost – Everybody loves Hugo

We got another excellent episode this week, a lot happened so it’ll be tough to comment on all of it, but I’ll throw some thoughts out there.


The whispers on the island was explained by Dead Michael in a very casual way. So they’re just voices of people who died on the island and can’t get out. But why did Hurley believe Michael right away ? He didn’t seem very friendly. Though dead people are more reliable than the living ones, I guess they don’t have anything to loose ! And why do can they only be heard at certain key-moments ?

Blowing up the black rock and manipulating Richard and the others was a nice touch. We now have yet another split. Hurley’s move to go to Man in Locke was quite a bold one. It’s too early now for the big confrontation, so I wonder how that will end. Desmond will no doubt find a way out of the well. And who knows what he’ll see down there.


It was very touching to see Hugo with Libby again. It’s a shame she died so early in the series (season 2 I believe ?). Especially the pick nick scene on the beach was very moving. Hugo is now also starting to remember the other timeline. I still don’t understand how they’ll eventually get back to the original timeline though, Desmond will no doubt be key in that. He already seems to be quite like Jacob how he steers people in a certain direction, with little ‘occasional meetings’ and such.


The end of the episode was shocking. Desmond running over Locke. I wonder if he tried to kill him and thereby killing Man in Locke on the island (?) or did he try to force a near-death experience ? We’ll find out soon enough :).

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