Lost – The Last Recruit

An ok episode this time. Moving the story forward quite a bit. In the flash sideways the losties are getting together to get ready for some sort of event that will show what the purpose of that story line is. I didn’t care too much for it this time. Desmond is acting a bit odd in these and out of character. Never thought of him as a manipulative second hand Jacob.

We did get the answer to the ‘was MIL also the appearance of Christian Sheppard’ question. In a rather straightforward manner. Of course we already knew that and the answer to ‘why’ was rather blunt ‘well you needed water !’. At this point in time the answers to the question will either be ‘well duh’ or they’ll be totally out of leftfield and be unsatisfying.


Sun and Jin finally got together ! But they didn’t get much chance to enjoy the moment as Widmore’s gang jumped on them on the beach. Jack returning to Man in Locke was interesting. The bombshells trying to kill (?) MIL were a bit silly. I seriously doubt you can kill him that way.

S: Sayid ain’t invited, he’s gone over to the dark side.

H: Yeah, but you can always bring people back from the dark side. I mean Anakin..

S: Who the hell is Anakin ?

What is the deal with Sayid ? He seems indeed gone over very far to the dark side and is quite zombielike, but I am sure he didn’t kill Desmond, so somehow there is still something human inside him.


Nice topic over on the What’s Alan Watching blog: What answers would you like from the last few episodes of LOST ?

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