Lost – What they died for

This week’s episode was a setup episode for the grand finale that will air in the USA today when I write this. In the flash sideways, all the losties are getting together for ‘the concert’. I am very eager to learn what will happen there. One big flashback for all ?


I was very glad to see Ben return to form. It seems he still got a very tricks up his sleeve, but I think Man in black is on to him. He’ll play some sort of important role in the finale I am sure. I am very glad the writers didn’t forget about him. Killing off Widmore even before the finale was a bit unexpected. I am not sure his ‘Jakob visited me’ redemption story was true, or if that was just to get on Ben’s nerve. Was Desmond as failsafe the only thing he told Man in black or did he whisper something else of importance ? Seeing Ben with Danielle was a great touch. And seeing her sane was a nice bonus :).

On the island, Jack is now finally officially Jakob’s successor. The scene at the campfire where Jakob explains things (sort of), was a bit over the top. We already knew most of it. “You were all flawed” was kind of new though. The protector job isn’t for happy people. The ‘I made him this way’ was weird. Did he refer to throwing his brother into the light ?


As for Kate and Sawyer ? I have no clue what kind of role there is still for them during the finale. And what their fate will be. I hope Hurley won’t get killed or something terrible. “Thank God it’s not me” was a great line ! Desmond will probably have to go ‘into the light’, as he seems to be the only one who can handle it.

It’s very odd that the series will come to an end tonight. I am sure the finale will still leave a lot open for debate. It sure has been one helluva ride :).

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