Sid Meier Interview

Sid Meier is the guy behind brilliant games like Civilization and Pirates. I am a big fan of both games (even though I hardly play them anymore, a game of Civ IV takes up quite a bit of time) so I found this recent interview very interesting. It’s over at

A Sid Meier MMO sounds very interesting, he would probably come up with something very original and new ;).

Virginworlds #100

Virginworlds is a great informative podcasts on MMORPG’s. And episode 100 is an epic !

Clocking in at just under 3 hours in length, show 100 has finally arrived. There are probably 30+ familiar voices on this show and you’ll find plenty of raw commentary and information as well as more laughs than any other episode of the VirginWorlds Podcast.

Virginworlds Podcast #100

Tape Trading

Back in the day when you wanted to hear your favorite artist play live shows, you had to trade tapes with other people, you found through newsgroups and forums (and earlier on even magazines).

A column on Ants Marching (a DMB website) brought back some nice memories. It was a lot of hassle to copy tapes, going to the postoffice etc. But it it all paid off when the mailman delivered that low-gen tape of a show that was performed just a few months back ;).

Tape Trading – How trading was back then


My trading circles must have been a little different, Maxell XL II (and later the more expensive XL-II-S) as well as TDK-SA and some Sony (cant remember exactly what name) tapes were acceptable.

Office 2.0

There is an interesting list of ‘office 2.0’ aps at It’s not just a list of text processors and spreadsheets, but a lot of other stuff, like feedreaders, calculators, drawings etc.. I use a few of these especially the google products that seem to improve almost daily.

The guys from Tales of Heroes, a Company of Heroes RTS game podcast, have started a new gaming website at The video quality of the Company of Heroes replays (accompanied by witty commentary) has been greatly enhanced, but you have to use the website’s player now to view the video as opposed to downloading it off the website like it was before. The site’s player is fine though and I haven’t had any trouble with it, but it doesn’t seem to work for some people.

The latest video that Bridger put up is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s a very exciting match between 2 teams of 2 players called Down to the Wire.

One that was released a few weeks ago, was also an instant classic, check out Hans the Sniper.

All of this should keep you busy while waiting for the Opposing Fronts addon for Company of Heroes :).

Death of a fellow MMORPG player

How come everytime I read about a fellow mmorpg player dies, that I dont even know, it makes me very sad ? I just updated my podcast feed of the Instance and noticed a special episode for Bruce Galloway aka Milliway in game. I have never met him, but reading about him, he was a wonderful helpful person.

From A Shadow Rose – Very nice post on

Why do I, a thirty-seven year old man, play a computer game like World of Warcraft? What blatant justification could there possibly be for anyone to sit for hours in front of a computer screen and immerse themselves into a fantasy world of RP and, at least for a time, forget about his RL? I can give you one such answer: Bruce Galloway.

The instance – Rest in peace Bruce Galloway

Screenshots of the ingame funeral