Dead at Etree

Listening to the new JGB releases (see previous post) renewed my interested in the Grateful Dead. It was quite a while since I listened to a few complete shows, but I did so over the weekend. Got some very nice stuff from Especially check out the ‘Charlie Miller’ seeds, they’re excellent ! There’s also a wealth of shows available at, in lossless and mp3 format, ready for use on your Ipod ;).

Top Dylan Interpreter

Jerry Feb. 1980
Got two wonderful cd’s in the mail this week from the Jerry Garcia Store. After Midnight, recorded in 1980 and Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders Band: Keystone Berkeley, September 1, 1974. Haven’t listened to them both in full length, but I picked some favorite tunes. Already had some Merl and Jerry on DAT tape, but this cd set sounds amazing. Especially considering this stuff is now over 30 years old. And this set even comes with a cool Keystone Napkin !

Robert Hunter writes in the liner notes of the JGB’s After Midnight that Jerry Garcia is probably the Top Dylan Interpreter. And I most certainly agree. Just listen to Going Going Gone with the haunting organ of Merl Saunders and I don’t think anyone can disagree. For some reason Jerry’s voice match the Dylan songs perfectly. After Midnight has a wonderfull Simple Twist Of Fate and Heaven’s door.

Just realised it’ll be ten years ago in august, Jerry died. Now that’s sad :(.

Paul Weller Studio 150

This new album by Paul Weller is named after the studio it was recorded in. In this interview over at the Rolling Stone site he explains he always wanted to do an album filled with covers, and this is it. It turned out pretty good, some songs stay closer to the originals than others. For example Close to me (of Carpenters fame) is very different from the original, where Wishing on a star is more close to the original, though somewhat more modern. Some songs stand out for me though, like Black Is The Color, which is a tradional according to this site, very touching, especially when you’re in an emotional mood ;). Neil Young’s birds, which is pretty much the same as the original, added some nice background vocals, suits Weller’s vocals really well. Always liked Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain, especially Elvis rendition and even Dylan’s version on Self Portrait (yeah I know, sue me), but this one is done with a lotta love for the song, sung from the heart. Actually that goes for all the songs on this album. Speaking of Dylan, All Allong The Watchtower is excellent as well, a refreshing arrangement. This album is definately a keeper !

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Holding A Sheet
Yesterday I received a package from, it contained the Johnny Cash 5 cd set (+ wonderful booklet) Unearthed and a book on Cash called The Man Comes Around: The Spiritual Journey of Johnny Cash.

Have listened to 2 of the 5 discs and read the last few chapters of the book. Am definately planning on reading the whole thing though, really like the writing style of the few chapters I read so far. The cd’s are wonderful ! I can’t believe the 2 Neil Young song (Pocahontas and Heart of Gold) never made it onto any of the American Recordings discs. There is definately a contrast between the stuff he recorded before June, his wife died and stuff he did there after. Didn’t know it was possible, but his voice sounds even darker.

You definately don’t have to be a Country fan to enjoy this stuff. Just check out any of the 4 american recordings discs, I am sure you won’t be able to put it down once you listen to them. After reading and listening to him last night I decided to put a nice photo of him, I had no room for here at home, in the office at work. He’s now sitting right next Marlon Brando and Jerry Garcia behind my PC :).

There is a good article here on CNN that tells his story quite well. It’s the obituary they posted after his death in ’03.

Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes
Great times for fans of guitarist / singer Warren Haynes ! Over at the bit torrent site of, there are now several shows up for grabs. A few different sources captured the New Years show Gov’t Mule did. Am listening to that one right now, and it’s spectacular. Very fat guitar sound and excellent bass. Have never listened much to this band, but I certainly will now. Also over at the etree site is the Xmas jam he organised on dec. 18th. This jam is a great opportunity to get to hear some lesser known acts and bands and WH’s acoustic sets are always a pleasure to hear. I just ordered his Live At Bonnaroo CD. His version of U2’s One is worth the price alone.

Also a lot of other jam bands and Dead (related) material at Make sure to check it out in case you’re interested. And when you’re new to all this stuff (flac torrent etc), read the tutorials and faqs on the site. They’re very helpful.

UPDATE:Warren’s Jam from 2-2-2005 can now be downloaded using bit torrent from

Phil Lesh DSBD downloads

Phil Lesh
Phil Lesh has decided to release digital soundboard recordings of the show, he and his friends did on dec. 17th,18th and 19th 2004 ! I just noticed when I checked alt.binaries.gdead usenet group. I am very much looking forward to listening to these shows. Already got the 19th audience recording that opens with a wonderful Box Of Rain. Will probably mp3 them to put them on my iPod and listen to them before I fall asleep at night ;). For more info on the setlists and Phil’s future endeavours, check out The Philzone.

Dylan Screener

I had never seen a Screener in my life, though a week or so ago, I was asked whether I wanted to write a review on my site for this new documentary DVD for my Dylan site. So last week I got my first screener ! I wrote the review last sunday, I thought it turned out pretty good. The dylan site is at The link was also on a big Dylan site, today, so I got quite a few hits today. Unfortunaly for some part of the day the server that hosted the site had some sort of problem, and the site looked really weird, without the menus on the side and all the images were gone :(. Luckily a note to their helpdesk fixed the problem pretty quickly…