Lost – Across The Sea

Last week I mentioned that I liked the mythology / mystery oriented shows more. Well we got an episode filled with mythology this week, as the story of Jacob and Man in black is told. The episode started pretty brutal, I didn’t see the head smashing coming at all. In itself it was excellent television. Well acted, nicely shot, decent story. But there are only 2 episodes to go, including the long finale, and to come out with something like this now was a bad decision in my opinion. It would have much better suited earlier in the season and give us a better background to what’s going on.


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Lost – The Candidate

A moving and action packed episode this week in Lost. I much more prefer the mysterious character driven episodes, but this was of course still very much enjoyable.

The flash sideways still don’t really do it for me, besides a few episodes. But this time I really liked the last scene where Jack finds out why Locke doesn’t want his legs to be ‘fixed’. He is still punishing himself over what happened to his dad in a plane crash.


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Lost – The Last Recruit

An ok episode this time. Moving the story forward quite a bit. In the flash sideways the losties are getting together to get ready for some sort of event that will show what the purpose of that story line is. I didn’t care too much for it this time. Desmond is acting a bit odd in these and out of character. Never thought of him as a manipulative second hand Jacob.

We did get the answer to the ‘was MIL also the appearance of Christian Sheppard’ question. In a rather straightforward manner. Of course we already knew that and the answer to ‘why’ was rather blunt ‘well you needed water !’. At this point in time the answers to the question will either be ‘well duh’ or they’ll be totally out of leftfield and be unsatisfying.


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Lost – Happily ever after

Desmond episodes are always epic and Happily ever after was no exception. Lost awesomeness all around ! And it certainly made a lot of things more clear, even though we of course still don’t know exactly where we’re heading.


Desmond Hume is the key. He is the only one who is aware of the other timeline during the flash sideways and acknowledges how it is somehow fake. Like Faraday said (very nice appearance by him by the way, for some reason I really like his character), this is not what is supposed to happen. It’s like everybody picked a better ending for her/himself in the sideways timeline. The bomb set this timeline off, and now it’s up to Desmond to somehow correct it. And he is now a man with a plan, as he asked for the passenger list of flight 815.


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Lost – Ab Eterno

What a wonderful episode this was ! With just a handful of episodes to go, the producers pull off something quite different. An episodes dedicated to one of the more mysterious character, that we always wondered about. Where did he come from, and why did he never age ?

Well we got all those questions answered and we got some info on the island. The man in black in being held there like a cork on a bottle, to keep evil in place. It was nice to see the older mib acting about the same way as the modern one in Locke’s body. The games Jacob and mib play were interesting, I hope we also get to know how exactly mib found a loophole to kill Jacob.


The scene at the end with Hurley and dead Isabella talking to Richard was the best of the episode. Richard almost joined team MIB in the end, but was convinced to stick with Hurley. We’ll see what role he’ll play in the end game.


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Lost – Recon

This week we got a more straightforward episode this time centering on Sawyer. It was enjoyable but not as good as some of the other outstanding episode of this season. It missed the mythical parts that those had.


The flashsideways was stretching it a bit I thought. James as a cop ?

“I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I was becoming a criminal or a cop. So I choose cop”.

Myles as his partner was interesting. Does he still have a sixth sense ? He had a weird look in his eyes when he picked up on Sawyer’s lieing. Also catching Kate in the end was odd. Why did he help her escape earlier ? Can’t do that again I am sure.


What did we learn besides the flash sideways this week ? Not a whole lot. We know that Widmore has set up camp at the sub landing spot and that he’s building sonar pylons to keep Man in Locke out. There was some squarrel between Kate and Claire (was I the only one rooting for Claire ?). Other than that not much happened. I hope we get something more interesting next week !